About Freakin’ Indies

Back in 2009, I started writing about Xbox Live indie games. By 2011, I realized I’d been playing every single release (save a few when I took a week off) for almost two full years. That’s a lot of indie games.

So I decided to set up a blog devoted entirely to Live’s most underutilized and under-appreciated resource. Thus, Freakin’ Indies was born.

Once upon a time I used to play all Xbox Live Indie Game releases and comment on them. Unfortunately I don’t have that sort of time anymore. However Indie Gamer Chick does an excellent job of it, so if that’s the sort of coverage you’re looking for you know where to look. I, on the other hand, have since moved away from XBLIG and on to a much more general field. If it’s an indie game, and I can actually play it, I’m willing to review it (although I’m absolutely willing to spread the word whether I can play it or not). This unfortunately means no PC games but who knows? That might change eventually. In the meantime, ┬áplease feel free to enjoy my ramblings on various indie game stuff.

360, PS3, Vita, 3DS, PC, Mac, Ouya, iPhone, whatever. It makes no difference so long as it’s a neat-looking indie game!

Note: The awesome cartoony renditions of me on this page and in the header were done by the ridiculously talented (and super awesome) miniktty.

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